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               Centrifugal fan
               High pressure air
               Roof fan
               Axial Fan
               FRP fan
               Dust Blower
               Zinc (galvanized iron) hair dryer, fan cover
               Cooling tower
               FRP ventilation ducts
               Wound irrigation FRP / GRP water tanks
               FRP exhaust scrubber
               Cooling Tower Accessories
               FRP chimney
               Cooling tower
              Name: Qingdao hualong fan glass fiber reinforced plastic Co., LTD
              Add: 288 Changjiang No.3 Road ,Tongji bureau,Jimo,Qingdao
              Tel: 86-532-82526369 82526368 82526367
              Fax: 86-532-82526366
              Contact Person: Mr.Liu
              P.C.: 266200

              E-mail :hlfan888@163.com/ info@hlfan.com

              Qingdao hualong fan glass fiber reinforced plastic Co., LTD??locates in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao - JiMo, abuts ji-qing, green (expressway, from Qingdao liuting international airport only 15 kilometers. Its advantageous geographical position for the companys development and creating good traffic conditions.

              Fan categories: roof fan, centrifugal fan, axial flow fan, mixed flow fans, FRP fan, stainless steel fan, explosion-proof fan, dust electromotor, wind dynamic balance business.

              FRP categories: standard, high-temperature type, low noise, low noise type, counter-current type, cross-flow type car radiator cooling tower, glass fiber reinforced plastic fiberglass enclosures wind, the transport machinery fiberglass enclosures, printing and dyeing with glass trolley. Ventilation pipe, all kinds of transportation, storage, boxes, cans, planters, FRP word. On-site antisepsis and making all sorts of irregular fiberglass products. Undertake on-site design of anticorrosion engineering construction engineering business. Widely used steel, automobile, chemical, plastic, machinery manufacturing, papermaking, power, food, central air conditioning, textile printing dyeing industries, praised by users.

              BNL-100T Cooling Tower 3
              BNL-80T Cooling Tower
              BNL-100T Cooling Tower 1
              Glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal fan
              Fiber glass roof fan
              Energy-saving roof fan
              Fan pipe installation
              Fiber glass tank 6
              Glass fiber reinforced plastic acid mist processing tower
               Home Profile Products Projects News Honors Order Network Contact Us Tel:86-532-82526369

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